Mineralogy & metallogeny

Mineralogical database

Mineralogical database of the Katanga Copperbelt.

The minerals covered by this small database are limited to the copper – cobalt and uranium minerals from the Kantanga copperbelt extended by some other species that can be of special importance for identifying specific stratigraphical or structural entities. Common rock forming minerals are not included while general mineralogical information on this species can elsewhere easily be found.

In this application all kinds of mineralogical information (general aspects, physical properties, composition etc.) are assembled from many sources. Where possible the typical characteristics and photographs of the Katanga facies :samples are given. The sources for this compilation were numerous. General informations comes from the Handbook of MINERALOGY from Anthony, Bideaux, Bladh and Nicols supplemented with information from internet databases as mindat.org, webmineral.com, euromin.w3sites.net/mineraux etc., general articles from the Mineralogical Record and Lapis on Katanga cobalt and uranium and of course completed with information from species specific litterature where possible from Katanga samples.

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